December 16, 2009


I bid you goodbye 2009 and it is with my great pleasure to say SEE YA LATER! You have stomped on my heart as well as my knee and made the phrase, "it can't get much worse" bring on a new meaning in my life. Because it turns out, yes it can. Your dad can die from a long battle with cancer and your mom can turn out to be the bitch you always knew she was and become engaged. It doesn't end there, my second knee surgery to replace my ACL makes me in even more debt than my student loans have. Thank you US economy for making it impossible to get a job with my "degree" and forcing me to apply for unemployment as they tease me with free money and then simply send a letter, "DENIED". Moving 4 times in the past 5 months has been another joy in 2009. And the cherry on my craptastic year could either be the abandonment from my family or the fact that I can't even afford to see a therapist or go to the lady doctor thanks to my outstanding medical bills already lined up.

So again, FUCK YOU 2009. You can break my bones and family but you can't break my spirit! And a note to 2010 - You better be all your cracked up to be, which honestly it's a crapshoot. It's on me I guess to make it better and I will give it my all because my body, heart and soul cannot take it anymore. This year is the year of Liz. And it's gonna fucking rock.

So here's to you 2010. Please be kind to me or just be the end the world already!
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