May 23, 2011

what a wonderful world!

For chapter 4, What a Nice Day! I did a music video project with my 5th graders and they could not have made me prouder! I gave them each a lyric to the song What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong (Student: He has brown skin, teacher? Me: Yes! He is African American! Student: Like Obama!? Uh....) and they were instructed to be creative and draw a picture to describe the lyric. They could do anything they wanted and I got some interesting illustrations including a coffee cup for the lyric for "what a wonderful world" and nuclear bombs covering the page for "saying how do you do." Those kids really make me laugh! These are a couple of my favorite pictures, from the minds Korean 5th graders :)

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  1. This is so precious! I am looking into teaching in Seoul starting mid-August and would love to pick your brain for advice! Shoot me an email at if you have some time!



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