August 22, 2011

my life = ♥

Sitting stooped on footstool, surrounded by hundreds of laughing locals sipping lemon ice tea and spitting sweet sunflower seeds that compliment each other perfectly, its a perfect hot and sticky night in Hanoi. I knew as soon as I arrived I was going to love it here. The busy streets with motorbikes weaving in and out like swarming bees, the honks from people trying to make their self known, the tall thin buildings towering the travelers and conical shaped hats below. I don't think I am in Korea anymore. 

The sun shines more, the people smile more, the beer is better and more roosters crow in the morning. This is definitely not Seoul. 

I'll admit, I'm a little Korea-sick, I miss kimchi like no ones business, and it is quite amazing how used to my life I got there. But my love affair with Asia has continued, and Vietnam has so much to entertain my senses, its hard to be too emotional about everything I left behind on the peninsula. I am discovering a land that up until a short time ago was riddled with war and not even considered as a vacation destination for earlier generations. 

So much to see, and we are taking our time. After spending a few days in Ha Long Bay, sleeping on a "junk" and trekking through the jungle, we are back in Hanoi, a city you could spend weeks exploring, getting our lives sorted before heading south on a 14 hour bus ride to central Vietnam where some serious beach time is the only thing on our schedule. 

China was amazing, Vietnam is beyond breathtaking and we have so much more to do. Daily I take a look at my life and think how lucky I am to be here, in that moment, in this place, living my dream. I cannot begin to explain how right this feels. 

Socialism looks good on Vietnam, somehow they have come so far from the devastation that once wrecked the dragon nation. All is well in this corner of the world, I hope my loved ones in all the other corners are happy and at peace as well. 

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August 14, 2011

it is what it is.

The time has come, I can't believe it, this year has flown by! Feels like I was just packing my bags having no idea what to expect of the country and life I was heading to. And here I go again, embarking on yet another adventure, with no idea what the future holds for me. Quite literally, I have no real travel itinerary (this is in my opinion, the only way to travel!) except I have until October to get from Hanoi, Vietnam to Thailand where I will find a job teaching English, in a town still undetermined. Possibly the craziest or bravest thing I have done up to this point in my life (and I have done a lot of crazy shit.)

Things will work out, no matter what you do in life, how hard or bleak they may seem at times, eventually everything will go to its rightful place in the natural order of the world. A wise man once told me, "It is what it is." You can try to control things as much as you like, but nothing ever works out exactly the way it is supposed to and the outcome will ultimately reveal its true purpose. When I think about all the horrible things happening to people all over the world, this is a difficult concept to grasp, karma and the full circle of life. Yet beyond everything, I have experienced this notion for myself and therefore regard as truth.

So for now, I am going to enjoy my travels, finally reunited with my other half, and not worry. Life is good, enjoy every minute like it is your last. Peace out Seoul, you will be missed.

Much love,
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August 10, 2011


Because these kinds of things are just better described in a list...

I will miss about Korea:
- my cute students

- school lunch
- BBQ ( actually pretty much all Korean food!)
- Big Bang (thank god I can take them with me on my ipod:)
- All nighters in Hondae (and Sinchon and Kondae and Gangnam and Sinsa and...)
- the great friends I have made here!
- Woodstock Wednesday
- KIMCHI  (Yup, seriously will miss it too much...)
- Makgolli (will miss this even more!)

- the paycheck
- free drinking water everywhere
- my desk
- drunken men stumbling on a Tuesday night
- my walk home from school 
- great shows and festivals
- super fast download speeds
- getting taken out for dinner by co workers and friends
- Dog Cafe's
- Korean man watching
- Itaewon
- the AMAZING shopping
- helpful, funny, caring and genuine Korean friends
- convenient delivery, transportation, cell phone chargers and street food
- Crossing the Han on the subway
- Scrubs at the jimjilbang

I will NOT miss about Korea:
- my small box (AKA my apartment)
- long subway trips
- drying my laundry in the middle of my room

- Soju
- monthly air raid drills
- the winter 
- the humid summer (Four seasons, my ass)
- being called a waygook (I hear it is farang in Thailand)
- 9am  - 5pm, Monday - Friday
- co-teaching
- Feeling like a celebrity when people ask to snap my photo (except if I am honest, I will miss it too)
- adjumas

- the Korean run-around, passiveness, and pure neglect.
- Itaewon (ya, I can't decide which)
- stairs
- annoying expats giving us a bad name
- shitty Korean TV 

Looks like the good far outweighs the bad, Korea has been good to me, one of the best years of my life! I am very sad to leave, I may even cry a real tear or two on the subway out to the airport, I have grown beyond description in the country. Not one to make a sappy good bye, I will say this, until we meet again Korea, keep it real!

Much 사랑  Korea!
xoxo, Ellie Teacher
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August 6, 2011

high high

Honestly its almost impossible not to get bit by the Big Bang bug whilst living in Korea and I figured my journey here would not be complete without a KPOP concert to bring out the inner 14 year old. If you don't know who GDragon, T.O.P or Taeyang are, get on top of your shit and click here, here or here (you will thank me later, its infectious.)

The last check on my bucket list is now complete, I saw Tayang shake his sexy ass on stage, I was pretty close, and I screamed like a little girl. And it was amazing. To be honest, the set was a little bit underwhelming, lame theatrics (see red foam tank), it was only 40 minutes long (apparently most of thier shows are very short) and while they did play a couple of my favorite songs (and they actually sang, not lip synced) it no where near satisfied my need!  T.O.P looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on stage (and  was dressed like Where's Waldo heading to a hoe down, it was disappointing) but Taeyang was fabulous, he danced and sang his way right into my heart.

Wow, I have got to get out of this country, look what it has done to me.... critiquing a KPOP concert like anyone really gives a shit, god save my soul! Ten days and no looking back!

GD and T.O.P
Taeyang ♥

Your stylist really dropped the ball on this one...

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